What makes the Meadows, Springs & Lakes the most fascinating neighborhoods in Dubai?

Few communities can provide what the neighborhood of Meadows, Springs & Lakes have to offer – the best of both worlds. It’s the perfect place to live if you want to get away from the bustle of city life but needs to have easy access to the city. Hugely popular for its spacious villas, townhouses, and the plentiful outdoor space, the neighborhoods are an abode for big and small families that believe in close-knit community living.


So, what makes these hoods so conducive for living? Let’s find out.


1. Peace..all the way!

The neighborhoods in Meadows, Springs & Lakes paint a picture that is in stark contrast to the fast-paced, noisy life in the city. The very air is filled with a calmness and peace that is highly addictive but most importantly, it nurtures and positively impacts family life.



2. Shakespeare & Co.

Designed around an elegant regal concept, Shakespeare & Co. Cafe Restaurant offers the warmth and comfort of your home while serving great food. The patisserie selection here is to die for! (you can order their patisserie also through their Online Shop)

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3. Hoodi

With Hoodi in The Meadows, Lakes & Springs and the rest of Dubai’s neighborhoods, you can now make the most out of your community and get to know what’s happening around you from the comfort of your home.


Your neighbors are already sharing insights and happenings, socializing, collaborating, buying and selling on Hoodi – It’s become such a friendly community!

Don’t believe us? Find out what’s happening in your neighborhood for yourself!

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4. Watch Outdoor Cinema, every Tuesday evening

The British bistro Reform Social & Grill offers the perfect movie night on Tuesday evenings when it transforms its outdoor courtyard into an open theater. From classics, rom-coms to themed screenplays, it completes the experiences with soft lights, lounges, blankets all to be enjoyed over popcorn and drinks.


5. Play Golf, all day every day!

Can life get any better when you have a Golf course at your doorstep? The place is any golf enthusiast’s dream with the Emirates Golf Club and Montgomerie Golf Course at close proximity to the community.



6. The Town Centre

The Town Center located between the Meadow and Springs is where you will find everything you need (from groceries, spas, cafés to gyms) and probably bump into a lot of neighbors.

town center


7. Indoor Sports Facilities

And for major fun, there’s the SportZone at Fitness First which offers indoor facilities for basketball, tennis, badminton, cricket and more. Lakes Club, the popular health club at Lakes, also offers swimming pool, squash, and tennis courts.



8. Great news for bird watching enthusiasts!

Emirates Golf Club is not just a golfer’s paradise, it’s a big attraction for the bird-watching enthusiasts who hope to spot some unique species in Dubai.



9. A heaven for your four-legged friends

Not only are your furry family members welcome at the Meadows, Springs & Lakes, the neighborhood features spacious indoor and outdoor spaces and walkways for the pets to stroll around. There’s also numerous pet shops and veterinary clinics also present in the vicinity, creating a truly optimal environment for pets.

pet walking


10. Swimming classes for toddlers

The Fitness Firsts in the area are quite amazing, all three offers swimming lessons for babies and toddlers.



11. The epic view of the Dubai skyline

If you want to enjoy the view of the glorious skyline of Dubai from a quiet place, here’s the place to be. The Meadows neighborhood offers a postcard-picture view of Dubai’s skyline.

dubai skyline 2
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12. Practice Yoga

If the peace and calmness surrounding the hood do not quite do the job, there is the Zen Yoga Center that helps you achieve overall well-being. Apart from Yoga and Pilates, they practice the Tibetan bowl tapping, to create peaceful sound waves.



There are more reasons than ever to get active in your neighborhood! Join your community today on Hoodi!

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