This APP transforms the way you buy groceries in the most efficient way

Living in Dubai, you’re most probably wondering how time flies here, wishing to squeeze in extra minutes to run your errands; If you have a smartphone things could change.


Introducing: el Grocer

A mobile app that lets you order conveniently from your neighborhood’s grocery stores, whether at home or at work, making the hassle and queue a thing of the past.

What we really like is that your order gets delivered accurately in less than an hour, with free delivery and no hidden fees.

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el Grocer screenshots

What makes it stand out

The app is pretty easy to figure out and use, they cover thousands of products in all categories over Dubai’s hoods. They regularly offer discounts on featured items or promo codes to give back to their customers.

And in case you weren’t paying attention before, they pledge to never charge you a dime, you pay the same bill as if you’re shopping in person, plus a free delivery.


Reasons to use it

Are you having a busy day at work? Do you find your items too heavy to carry home? Do you constantly crave late night ice-cream? Maybe you tend to forget to buy all your items from your major supermarket visits? Or do you simply enjoy the convenience technology brings?

These are some of the reasons el Grocer is a must have on your smartphone!


How to use it

1. Login
2. Pin your location with the easy to use map feature
3. Browse or search for your products and brands
4. Preview your basket, add more (or check out)
5. Enter your address & contact details, boom… Done

A cool feature you might find useful: Reorder previous baskets within 3 taps.

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el grocer

Get an additional 10AED off your bill using the promo code ‘HOODI’ – valid until April 20th, 2017.


Available on your Android and iPhone