Your Dubai Neighbors are Giving Away FREE items

YEP Free items! Check the screenshot below with the story, or download Hoodi and see for yourself!

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Ever wondered what to do with that TV sitting there in the corner after you got a new one?

Duh! You’ll probably go post it on *that* classified site.
Wait for a week, post it again on 5 different sites and give it another week…
Still nothing! Go again to these sites, remember (or probably reset) your passwords, edit the description, post a better image, and while still there reduce the price since no one seems interested 😐

2 weeks later someone is calling! They’re calling you about the TV, they WANT IT!!!
They’re negotiating. They’ll pay half the price.
You’re hesitant but also desperate, so you just agree…
They tell you they live 80Kms away and have 2 kids and prefer if you can deliver it or handle the shipping process…

You tell them that the TV is not for sale anymore.

You do what you should have done in the first place, you go to Hoodi and post it for Free so that your neighbors can benefit from an item you don’t need anymore. You can still sell it if you insist :)


The screenshot is from a live version, happening right now. In the last 3 months, there was around 50 items posted for Free in different neighborhoods – the average transaction time for free items is about 30 mins to 1 hour!

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Get_it_on_Google_play.svg Available_on_the_App_Store_(black)

That is just the tip of the iceberg, Hoodi is all about helping you making the most out of your neighborhood. You can read here how Hoodi is changing the way neighbors interact, and how you access information related to your neighborhood, from the palm of your hand or check below some of the features.

Available for you today in all of Dubai’s neighborhoods on your Android and iPhone


Key features:

1. Stay up to date

From parties to language classes, being a member means that you will always be informed of all of the happenings in your hood and building. Plus, Hoodi allows you to share stories and experiences relevant to you with people you may otherwise have never had the privilege of meeting.


2. Connect and collaborate

Living away from your family? New in town? Join Hoodi to reach out to your community for anything from advice about the area to finding your next sports partner or even a trustworthy babysitter. You’ll feel at home in no time!


3. Buy & Sell conveniently

Your unwanted items could be just what someone else in your neighborhood is searching for. With the “Bazaar”, it couldn’t be easier to find the things that you want and sell what you don’t all conveniently within your Hood. We’ve even seen such a rise in the number of free giveaways that we’ve created a filter for it – that’s the spirit!


4. Join like-minded folks

Because knocking on all the doors in the building to meet your neighbors can be a bit tiresome, Hoodi brings them all just a few clicks away. By joining the Circles, you can sit back and relax while magically building connections with people who live close by and share your interests.


5. FREE, Private and Secure

If you’re worried about making connections online, we can put your mind at ease. Here at Hoodi, your safety is important to us, which is why we take the time to verify that people are who they say they are.We also respect your privacy and will never give out any personal information without your consent.

So really, what excuse do you have not to download now?