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Game of Hoods

The very first competition of its kind is happening in Dubai right now until Feb 28th   When was the last time you were part of a competition and the entire neighborhood residents came out winners? Yes, EVERYONE! Game of Hoods is out to find the most collaborative neighborhood in

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The APPsolute must have Apps if you live in Dubai

Update: Read the updated version of this post here. We’ve screened, tried, and tested hundreds of Dubai’s local apps, all in essential categories affecting our daily lives to come up with this top-notch selection. EACH of these 9 apps will help you with your daily routines while saving you time and money.

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Your Dubai Neighbors are Giving Away FREE items

YEP Free items! Check the screenshot below with the story, or download Hoodi and see for yourself! Ever wondered what to do with that TV sitting there in the corner after you got a new one? Duh! You’ll probably go post it on *that* classified site. Wait for a week, post it again

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Guess Which Neighborhood is the Friendliest in Dubai

Ever got the feeling that you’re disconnected while living in Dubai? Well, things are changing radically and rapidly and we have the ultimate solution for you. With Hoodi in town, people now have a secure and private place to make the most out of their neighborhood. Don’t believe us? check your

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5 Reasons Why Your Neighbors Are Using Hoodi

Hoodi, the neighborhood private social network, already thriving in over 100 neighborhoods across Dubai, is bringing communities closer together in a way that the city has never seen. Haven’t joined yet? Here are 5 reasons why you should: 1. Stay up to date From parties to language classes, being a member

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